Halloween 2016: Experts' Tips On How To Ensure The Safety Of Your Pets

As the Halloween vibe is gradually being felt around the corner, so as the excitement of watching your favorite horror movies, and all the creepy jitters the season is giving us. In the US alone, kids everywhere are busy in preparing their costumes for the traditional way of celebrating the trick or treat. However, just as parents are being cautious about their kids on Halloween, it is just but vital for pet lovers to look after the furry members of the family.

It is indeed fun for us to wear those spooky costumes and eat those sweet treats on a Halloween. However, experts had recently found a probable cause for animals not to feel the same way. As E-Missourian reports, if pets see dressed-up strangers at the door and dangerous treats within their reach, a household disaster might very well happen.

The Humane Society of Missouri suggests that parents should be mindful of certain guidelines to keep a stress-free and safe Halloween. These set of guidelines will not just keep a peaceful environment inside the house but as well as give you a memorable Halloween that you'll surely never forget.

The organization claims that for pets that are being kept safely inside, away from trick-or-treaters, ensures that they don't feel frightened or threatened at the sight of those children being naturally playful. As dogs are noted for being territorial, it may just cause them to become anxious and growl at groups of kids that are yelling loudly for their candy. So to avoid these circumstances, experts recommend that it's best to leave your pets away from the action on that night.

Furthermore, the Huffington Post also suggests to have a proper identification for your pet particularly on its collar just in case it goes out of the house and gets lost. Another reminder is to stop forcing your pets to wear costumes. If they seem to be distressed, allergic or shows off some abnormal behaviors, try putting a festive bandanas on them instead.

But, if your pet seems comfortable wearing a costume, just make sure that it's safe and there are no small pieces that they can possibly chew off. Have a safe and memorable Halloween everyone!

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