'Pokemon GO' Halloween Event Update: Niantic Does It Right And Players Are Happy Again

Niantic released their Halloween event - the development company's first ever seasonal event since the release of Pokemon GO almost four months ago - and fans have taken it out to the streets again. In spite the myriad of factors that made people lose their interest in the game, causing even some aspiring Pokemon masters to quit, fans felt refreshed from the Halloween event. Bombarded with bonuses and increased spawn rates for 'spooky' Pokemon, no wonder players are happy.

Pokemon GO Halloween Event Saves Niantic

For now, Niantic has saved itself from a fall out when they released their Halloween event for Pokemon GO. Players are happy to be receiving double the candies in catching, hatching and transferring Pokemons. The Buddy System will reward trainers four times faster than they usually do, and the spawn rate for 'spooky,' most of which are ghost type Pokemon, have increased. These include Drowzee, Hypno, Ghastly, Haunter, Gengar, Zubat and Golbat.

Players are happy and constantly discussing the new Halloween event update for Pokemon GO. For some who have been saving eggs, this appears to be the perfect time to hatch all of them. Pokemon GO trainers are also asking Niantic to implement the increased spawn rate of ghost type Pokemon permanently, as this is what they imagined a day and night cycle would be.

Pokemon GO Top Of Charts Again

Pokemon GO shot back up into the top spot in both the Apple Store and Google Play due to the Halloween event. It turns out, all we need is a little bonus candy to make the game feel less grueling and more exciting. The event will end on November 1, however, and thus any traces of the implemented seasonal event will deliberately cease as well. What will Niantic do next?

For sure, players will put their phones down again and refuse to go outside, especially coming this winter time where they might be forced to stay indoors. Niantic has a one-month window to think of a new seasonal event for Pokemon GO for the upcoming holidays in December. Whether they will slay the charts again, or come up with new features that don't work - ultimately erasing any faith they have left to the company - is entirely up to these game masters.

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