Will the Microsoft Studio Kill Off Apple's Upcoming iMac?

Will the Microsoft Studio Kill Off Apple's Upcoming iMac?
Microsoft's Surface Studio is so hot in the market right now that critics and fans are wondering if Apple's upcoming iMac has what it takes to take on the recently-revealed powerhouse desktop. Photo : Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Microsoft's Surface studio desktop is so hot in the market right now. Critics believe that Apple's upcoming iMac will likely be crushed by Microsoft.

According to an article at 9 to 5 Mac, Microsoft's Surface Studio desktop was something that the general public did not expect. Microsoft clearly took the time to invest and pushed its resources to the limit to create it.

The article further states the Apple's upcoming iMac will likely be crushed by Microsoft. Considering Apple's iMac, Apple has only been maintaining the same design for the past few years, and with the Pro seemingly forgotten within the desktop, it is believed that Microsoft has a solid chance of stealing some of Apple's customers away if they don't push boundaries like they did with the 2016 MacBook Pro.

In a written article at Mac World, some of the fans of Apple were disappointed that the new iMac was not included in the October 27 release. It has been highly expected and anticipated that the new iMac will be launched with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

It is strongly believed (by fans) that Apple will release the 2016 iMac before the year ends. There are rumors that the new upcoming iMac is going to be carrying a 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor.

About the design, there is no solid information or any idea what the upcoming iMac will look like. But if Apple is really going to release the new iMac before the year ends, then it is highly possible that with this month or next, there will be a solid information about it.

There is also a rumor stating that Apple's next generation of iMacs will feature graphics chip from AMD's Polaris set. If this is true, then Microsoft will have to watch out, because it is reported that AMD has been constantly talking about its Polaris chips as a way of bringing VR within the reach of a wider market of PC users.

If it's one thing about Apple, they like to add special features that can really differentiate them for other company products. One current example is the 2016 MacBook Pro. Yeah, they really pushed it there.

Microsoft has really made a good move of taking advantage with Apple's iMac line and really created something very amazing. If Apple doesn't have any special features for their upcoming iMac, then it is highly possible that Microsoft will kill off Apple's upcoming iMac and steal away their fans and customers for good.

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