How Watch Dogs 2 Takes Advantage Of The PS4 And Xbox One's Full Potential

By Chaps , Oct 28, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Watch Dogs 2 is building up hype and compared to the original title, this new game will have the edge when it comes to properly utilizing hardware capability since it is said to be a current-gen only release. This means that the developers won't be going back and forth anymore with previous generation consoles. This also means that less optimization will be needed when it comes to graphic rendering.

No cross-generation development means no sacrifice is necessary for the game's computation requirements as well as graphics. Knowing Watch Dog's style of marketing, they have put their best feet forward when it comes to stunning graphic rendering. We Write Things reports that Danny Belanger, director for Watch Dogs 2, expressed his thoughts on how not requiring to develop for the previous generation consoles prove to be sort of a treat. He also added that it has allowed Ubisoft lots of freedom because some restrictions are now lifted.

"It's obvious when you have many SKUs that the pipeline and process is much heavier. You have to take into account the different optimizations and quality of art. If we add a feature we had to ask ourselves if it could be done on the other platforms," Belangr said.

Belanger also said that it has been so great to just focus on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. They can now take full advantage of the current gen consoles' power by allowing them to add features that they weren't able to do before. The production in summary has been a lot easier, as per interview with Hardcore Gamer.

Instead of scaling down and do a lot of optimizations, the developers for Watch Dogs 2 have also been able to focus on what matters most, gameplay. With that said, expect a good game from Ubisoft as Watch Dogs 2 rolls out this Nov. 15 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Certainly Marcus Holloway and his hacker crew at Dedsec will look and play good on the streets of San Francisco, as you can see on the gameplay trailer below:

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