Civilization 6 Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know: Expansion, Armies, Districts, Urban Planning, Camera Pan

Sid Meier's Civilization 6 has received more accolade than any of its previous installments. When it was launched last Oct. 21 with a ton of improvements in gameplay and other exciting changes, it is no wonder that many fans regarded it as the best Civilization installment by far. As a complex strategy game, Civilization 6 needs you to learn a couple of tips and tricks in order for you to secure the upper hand, so here's five of them:

Civilization 6 Tip #1: Build Small Army First

One of the notable changes in Civilization 6 is the removal of the cities' ability to protect themselves. As a player, you can't just afford now to expend your time building your empire while leaving your city. You need to finish some research first before your city can defend itself. A good tip here is to establish a considerably small army first to fight attackers since it is way less costly.

Civilization 6 Tip #2: Preliminary Check In Districts

Prior to establishing your district, let your Builder do a preliminary check on area to find out which resources are available for reaping. By harvesting these resources, you'll be able to acquire a good amount of cash in return. A good tip also is to reap a marsh. You're not going to benefit from it.

Civilization 6 Tips #3: Prepare Urban Planning Well

As for urban planning, make sure to prepare out well your expansion. Take note that few Wonders and Districts have bonuses that are applicable only to cities within a specified coverage of tiles. When establishing industrial zones, orchestrate them accordingly so future freebies will disperse from across many settlements.

Civilization 6 Tip #4: Expand Early

Expansion may sound a pretty daunting task but you don't have to fret since you have your liberty now to build new cities given that you are capable enough in terms of cash and location. Remember that extending your range as early as possible means a sporting chance for you to lock down resource from richer and strategic locations.

Civilization 6 Tip #5: Use Camera Pan

Take advantage of the camera pan feature to view your settlement and/or city from above. This way, you will have a good look at what's going on from under. To use the camera pan, simply hold down screen and release if you're done.

Civilization 6 is exclusively available on PC for now.


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