Singapore to Launch World's Largest Floating Solar Panels

Southeast Asian country Singapore is expected to launch the world's largest solar panel system which floats in the water. It will boast 17 freshwater reservoir that will generate energy for the country. The floating solar panels will be operational by the end of the year and will be situated in Tengeh reservoir.

Pilot Testing Of The Project

The Singaporean authorities are pilot testing 10 different solar panel system and they will evaluate which one will be used in making the largest solar panel island to generate clean energy for the country.The pilot testing will focus on the energy efficiency of the panels as it is above water and the presence of the panels will reduce water evaporation and if this happens, the water might just cool down the panels reducing the efficiency of the panels to gather solar energy. They are also considering the possible environmental impact that it may cause to the organism living under the panels.

The Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore will help in the evaluation of the different systems being used in the floating solar panels. The institute will work together with Singapore's Economic Development Board and Public Utilities Board who are the main agency behind the forthcoming project. The projects cost $11 million and there are other eight local and international entities who are participating in said plan.

Singapore's Contemplation On Solar Photovoltaic System

"Given our geography, solar photovoltaic systems are a key technology in Singapore's efforts to harness renewable energy. Floating photovoltaic systems, those installed over our water bodies, not only help to overcome land constraints but also have the potential to reduce evaporative losses from our reservoirs." Said Masagos Zulkifli, the minister of Singapore's Environment and Water Resources in his speech as quoted in the post of Mentalfloss.

Singapore is much known for being a role model in terms of environmental advocacies. One of these initiatives that made the world turn its eyes to the country is buildings that have gardens on it. This floating solar panels concept has been created by other countries before but Singapore as the one making the largest floating solar panel system is very relevant to the country in generating clean energy without destructive impact to the environment and the fact that Singapore is geographically small, so, utilization of available space is a must for them.

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