Skyrim Special Edition Mod List For PS4 And Xbox One; Where To Find Them?

Skyrim Special Edition mod is finally arriving on consoles.The mod storage for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was also previously announced. Despite the obvious revelation, it is still not clear where to locate and acquire this list of mods and searching in search engines will only give you a bunch of headlines instead of the actual thing. Thankfully though, the source of these mods is now located.

According to VG27, the Skyrim Special Edition mod list can be found on under the Skyrim mods section. The mods are lined up based on your platform. In order to filter the mods, just select your desired platform and it will provide you a filtered version of the list. As of this writing, the available mods for PlayStation 4 is 25 while Xbox One already has 90+.

The reason behind this huge gap between the two platforms is that PlayStation 4 mods are restricted to use external assets which forces the creators to limit their output. Based on the previous announcement, PlayStation 4 only has 1 GB mod storage allocation while 5 GB on Xbox One.

It might be a huge disappointment for PlayStation owners. However, it is still better than none since it was supposed to be a no Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 mod support for PlayStation 4. Skyrim Special Edition is scheduled to arrive on Friday next week. But the demand for the mods is already high, perhaps console players might have been trying to gaze back at the scenes were they left off for decades.

Meanwhile, the mod numbers will be expected to increase in the following weeks. Mod authors are anticipated to bring great goods to the popular game. Click on the link here to browse all the present Skyrim Special Edition mods dedicated for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. 


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