Pokemon Got Hacked To Make Way For Missingno

Missingno was just a glitch monster appearing under special circumstances in Pokemon Red and Blue. After many years of oblivion, many fans still miss him and wish that it would appear in different Pokemon games. There are even YouTube videos made in its honor. But the wait is over because it was recently spotted in a Pokemon game.

Those who want to see Missingno will finally see and catch him if they have Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Thanks to VGMoose who modded the rare Pokemon into the came. For those who are skeptical about it thinking it might just be a glitch, the video below shows the character fighting and catching Missingno after spotting it in the ocean.

In the video, your character in Dewford Town, a tiny island community according to one of its inhabitants. She would insist that there's nothing suspicious about the community. Then, your character heads to the beach and uses Surf to go in the middle of the ocean. That's where Missingno appears.

According to the modder, he used Ohana 3DS and an open source tool to extract the file. After that, he swapped an existing Pokemon model with the one he created using the software SketchUp. He also added that the attempt was some sort of trial and error and a lot of research how to create and use 3D modeling as well as applying the right texture so it will fit in with the game.

He also added that the idea of modding Missingno came to him after the announcement that Pokemon Red and Blue will be coming to the 3DS eShop earlier this year. He shared the same thought like most Pokemon fans that it might be cool if Missingno becomes an official addition to the game. Unlike the others, however, he made his dream come true and at last, Missingno is not missing anymore.

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