Apple's Big Reveal: New MacBooks, Apple TV, and Everything Else Apple Announced

Apple has just wrapped up its big announcement at an event held at their Cupertino headquarters. Among the highlights were the unveiling of new laptops, an app for the Apple TV, and a new website.

MacBook Pro

Apple has two new MacBook Pro laptops. One of their new features is the "Touch Strip", a touchscreen bar located at the top row of the keyboard. In other words, it's where the function keys should be. The Touch Strip changes and adapts to the user's activity. Playback controls would appear when the iTunes is used.

The new MacBooks will employ the long-rumored Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor. Apple was recently rewarded with the patent for such technology which will eventually replace the home button on iPhones, if rumors prove true. As for the laptops, the new scanning technology will enable Apple Pay and allow quick user-swapping among shared laptops.

Time reported that the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the new Touch Strip costs $1,799 while the higher-end 15-inch version is priced at $2,799 per unit. Apple also introduced a new MacBook Pro with the traditional function keys worth $1,499.

Apple announced their new iOS a few days prior to today's big event. The macOS Sierra 10.12.1 is free for current Apple users and is included in the new laptops.

Apple TV

Apple went back to basics in naming their new app for Apple TV which is called "TV". The TV app will help users find and collect more videos, films and TV shows across a wide range of services and providers. Unfortunately, the new app doesn't support Netflix or Amazon Video.

Apple TV will also have Minecraft, one of the most popular video games and iOS apps ever. Siri can still be used on the Apple TV and is, in fact, more capable now of following commands.

The TV app is free for the Apple TV, iPad and iPhone. It will be avaible at the end of 2016.

A New Apple Website

Apple opened the event with an announcement that it will be launching a new website that will focus on educating users on the accessibility features of the iOS and macOS devices.

What's Missing

Some people are already expressing their disappointment with the lack of Netflix and Amazon Video in their TV app. Others question the absence of a new MacBook Air. Apple has already stopped selling the 11-inch version of the Air and some believe the 13-inch MacBook Air is next.

There was also no mention of new a iMac, Mac Pro or Mac Mini.

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