Final Fantasy 15 Online Co-op Multiplayer Mode Confirmed As DLC

Final Fantasy 15 is getting a multiplayer mode! As confirmed by Square Enix earlier in part of the Paris Games Week, the highly-awaited open world action RPG will receive an online co-op multiplayer mode called Comrades. The said mode will be a paid feature that allows up to four players to battle enemies as Prince Noctis and his three friends.

Final Fantasy 15 Season Pass

Final Fantasy XV multiplayer mode will be the last part of the season pass that is at $24.99 price range. The FFXV season pass also features three episodes that will let you control Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto in that order. Additionally, Square Enix is also said to have the expansion pack sold separately but its pricing hasn't been announced yet.

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer

Final Fantasy XV DLC director, Haruyoshi Sawatari, told IGN about the concept of the multiplayer mode, "When we've released each of those three [character] episodes, and made each of the three characters playable, we're going to bring back [lead character] Noctis from the main game, and then add the multiplayer expansion pack which allows you to play as all of them together in new types of online adventures."

As for now, it has not yet been confirmed whether the FFXV multiplayer mode takes place outside the main game world but there have been proof that this is actually the case. Sawatari explained that the stories they're telling through the DLC are linked closely to the main game's plot. However they feel that those were better off as DLC instead of being part of the main game.

When asked about the timeline of the episodes or the duration for one to complete an episode, Sawatari did not comment but said that each of the episodes would feature "new locations to explore".

Final Fantasy XV DLC - Gladio, Ignis, Prompto

According to Sawatari's interview with Eurogamer, Final Fantasy XV DLC is currently in very early stages. The first episode which focuses on Gladio is only 20 percent complete but he hopes that it will still expand the player time for the FF15 universe after completing the single player story.

"There's going to be new story sections as well. The Gladio episode for example; Gladio as a character is very much a heavy hitter, he's a big, powerful, brawling-style fighter, so his DLC is really going to reflect that in how it plays. In the same vein, Ignis being the strategist, the intellectual character - his gameplay is going to be a lot more strategic and tactical in the way it plays out, and Prompto's is going to be more shooting-based," Sawatari added.

Final Fantasy 15 release date will be on Nov. 29 and will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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