‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 News & Updates: Noah Schnapp Confirms Start Of Filming; More Hints On Eleven’s Return

"Stranger Things" season 2 is about to start its production phase as recently confirmed by actor Noah Schnapp (Will Byers). The whole team of the sci-fi horror flick "Stranger Things" is now set to film in Atlanta, Georgia. Given this development, fans cannot seem to wait which among their fanfiction plot theories will be close to reality since spoilers are much expected to come out as the series production progresses.

Child actor Schnapp has posted a photo on his Instagram account featuring his packed "Stranger Things" materials. He teased through his caption that the team is all set to fly to Atlanta to work on season 2. This teaser had fans eyeing more solid hints on what mysteries the second season is about to unfold as season 1 left off with the main character, Eleven, missing. With that said, fans are now speculating Will to be the lead star of the upcoming season.

Previous rumors surmised Will to possess special powers that he is about to unleash in season 2. Fans presume that his supernatural abilities -- which he acquired from his stay in the Upside Down -- saved him from the demogorgons when Barb unfortunately did not. "Stranger Things" season 2 is then expected to revolve not only around Eleven - whose appearance is still uncertain - but will also heavily feature the life and new potentials of Will.

Meanwhile, "Stranger Things" creators Matt and Ross Duffer have the fans of Eleven wondering if the character will return for season 2. As fans continue to lap up teasers for clues, actress Millie Bobby Brown, who gives life to Eleven, expressed her desire "to go back to work" during her recent chat with Interview. Fans were quick to conclude her statement is in reference to "Stranger Things" season2.

"Like, Sunday I'm going to the White House. And I cannot wait to go back to work. It's like I crave it, and when I get on set-it's not just that I love what I do-I love meeting new people. The crew, it's like being around my family, and I know them very well. It's really nice to go to work every day," Brown said. Fans of Eleven have been taking this statement as a clue that the actress is currently working on a project, which they believe is "Stranger Things" since Brown is not in any long-term commitment other than the said series.

Meanwhile, previous hints like the photo teaser of David Harbour's Jim Hopper holding Eggos - which avid fans know is Eleven's favorite food -- and Brown's recent Instagram photo with the actor are believed by fans as enough proofs to conclude that their favorite psychic is coming back on "Stranger Things" season 2. These photos are also said to solidify a previous fan theory that Eleven will be under Chief Hopper's care when the series returns in 2017.

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