'Stranger Things' Season 2 Cast Updates & Spoilers: New Members Confirmed; Sadie Sink, Dacre Montgomery Set To Make Things Crazier In Hawkins

Since the highly regarded sci-fi horror series "Stranger Things" was renewed for a second season on Netflix, countless surprises have slowly been revealed both by its cast members and production team. Now latest reports revealed that two new members, Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery, have been signed to help bring crazier things in Hawkins Town.

The first season brought fans in a remorse when it casted death upon Barb, and Eleven went missing as she vaporized with a demagorgon. Now that it is confirmed that Barb is not reappearing on "Stranger Things" season 2 and rumors about Eleven's possible death are yet unanswered, the team of strange kids needs additional forces to help them in their quests. Thus, came two new members, Sink ("American Odyssey") and Montgomery ( "Power Rangers").

A previous report already confirmed that the Red Ranger star in the new "Power Rangers" movie, Montgomery, will be playing a role in "Stranger Things" season 2 as Billy, the stepbrother of Max, played by Sink.

New Cast For "Stranger Things" Season 2

Billy as a character is said to be a young adult who is edgy, a heavy drinker, hyperconfident who uses his charms to get girlfriends from their boyfriends, and a Camaro lover. But behind his what-seems-to-be-exciting persona is his dark side, a violent and unpredictable one. Max, on the other hand, was described as boyish, confident (at a good level), tough, but one weakness she has is she never trusts anyone.

Reports did not actually mention if these two kids will be one for the team or they will be against them. But rumors have it that they will be replacing Eleven, and this might just be a hint that they are going to be siding the stars. Millie Brown, on the other hand, did not want to spoil the thrill for her character as she refused to share whether she will return alive or dead on "Stranger Things" season 2. She, however, guaranteed that fantastic things will be up for the new season. Meanwhile, stars Joe Keery and Noah Schnapp were both promoted as series regulars for the second season.

More Spoilers for "Stranger Things" Season 2

"Stranger Things" season 1 ended with a lot of loose ends, which sparked theories and conspiracies among fans. The Duffer Brothers, getting some idea of what fans are coming up with for assumptions about "Stranger Things" season 2, have confirmed that some of the predictions are actually close to what they prepared.

Netflix has previously released another promo trailer showing the potential episode titles of season 2. These titles have been a big basis for fans to quickly speculate on the plotlines of the new season. As the brothers did confirm some theories, they did not elaborate further, saying that the new season will mainly show the aftermath of everything that took place in season 1.

"Stranger Things" season 2 release date still remains unconfirmed but speculations say it will air in July 2017.

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