‘Dragon Ball Super’ News & Updates: Vegeta Becomes Stronger Than Goku; New Arc To Feature Future Trunks As New God Of Destruction?

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 63 left a lot of questions despite the fact that the Saiyans have inflicted more damage on Black Goku. Vegeta took the center stage in this episode which sparked rumors that he is now the stronger Saiyan. With the arc's progress, it is bound to reach its finale soon and reports indicate that the new arc will put future Trunks in the spotlight.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 63

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 63 left fans wanting more especially now that the Saiyans are on top of their game. Black Goku remained to be a real threat but Vegeta showed him how powerful the Prince of Saiyans is. Given the recent happenings in the episode and Vegeta's success in putting Black Goku in his place, a feat that Goku wasn't able to pull off successfully, many fans are speculating that Vegeta's power already surpassed Goku's.

However, it should be noted that Black Goku mimicked the real Goku which puts the latter at a disadvantage in a fight. Meanwhile, Vegeta has proven time and again that he possesses a huge amount of power although he doesn't display it blatantly. His training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber also paid off. Admittedly, Vegeta may appear to be the stronger Saiyan in the episode but all things considered, Vegeta and Goku could be at the same level.

"Dragon Ball Super" New Arc

At the rate that "Dragon Ball Super" is going, things will definitely heat up fast. The latest buzz is that the Trunks arc would be the focus of the "Dragon Ball Fiesta" which is scheduled for release in December.

Given the warm reception that fans had for "Dragon Ball Super," a new arc is already in the works. Akira Toriyama's new saga will be unveiled at the annual Jump Festa 2016 which will be held from Dec. 17 to 18 in Tokyo, Japan. There have been rumors that this new saga will focus on future Trunks, and a recent interview with Toyotarou seems to support this rumor. When asked about his favorite gag in the manga, he teased about a part in the Trunk's storyline where "Trunk's tutor explains a certain important part of the story."

Meanwhile, there are speculations that the new storyline will feature Trunks as the new God of Destruction since Zamasu already killed all 12 of the future Gods of Destruction. Nevertheless, these are just rumors and more details about this new arc would be revealed in December.

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