Pokemon GO Update: Quests And More XP In Gyms Should Be Added By Niantic To Keep Players Engaged

The release of Pokemon GO's Halloween event sure did renew most of the players' interest in Niantic's augmented reality game. After several cases of Pokemon trainers quitting and losing interest because of several issues within the game, candy bonuses, and higher ghost Pokemon spawn rate brought them back. With the even ending on November 1, however, how will Niantic be able to keep these players further engaged?

Pokemon GO Should Have Quests

Niantic should implement quests in Pokemon GO as this is a surefire way to keep players active every day. Giving Pokemon trainers something to do and look forward to is a good way to keep traffic bustling and players happy. Although the Halloween event renewed the players' love for the game and activity, the real challenge is keeping these players around when the seasonal event come to an end.

Daily quests are a set of objectives that players can complete daily to receive rewards. These quests refresh daily, so players can't continue their progress the next day if they couldn't finish. While weekly quests are objectives with a duration of a week, and thus refreshes weekly. The quests could be small from walking 2 kilometers to catching 5 Pidgeys, it really depends on Niantic on how they want the quests to be.

Pokemon GO Should Resolve The Problem In Gyms

The imbalance in the number of teams in Pokemon GO, due to the popularity of others and players who have multiple accounts, are causing issues with 'gym stagnation' and 'gym jacking.' Some Instinct members who knew they are less in number compared to Valor and Mystic, understand this predicament when they wish to take a level 10 gym from opposing teams. As it stands, doing this is simply not worth it for members who likes to play alone in Pokemon GO.

For one player to take a level 10 gym, which is what most of the gyms are these days, they need to spend tons of potions and revives - only to get 10 coins as a reward. Playing this way can get a little underwhelming, especially when the gym taken is level 10 of the other teams again. The most exciting part of the game became almost off limits to Pokemon GO players who wish to play alone. Players admitted that having double XP in gym battling should make it a little more worth it.

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