Family Defends Pitt's 'Bad Dad Figure' Against Child Abuse Charges And Investigation

Pitt's cousin came on stage during police investigation to defend allegations. Brad Pitt's ongoing police investigation about child abuse has been a shocker, Radar Online has learned from his family. And now, his cousin is coming out  to defend the man he says that could never do the things the actor has been blamed of.

On Issues Of Child Abuse - Pitt Labeled as "Bad Dad"

Pitt has been in cover since the divorce filing on September 20, but his family and relatives gathered around him since the split to refute claims that he "physically or verbally" abuse his kidsHis cousin, Roger Hal Hillhouse, told Radar, "I'll definitely defend him! Brad Pitt is a good father. ... He wouldn't hurt his own kids..."

Pitt  has only seen five out of his six children since the break-up, and he was supervised during the visits. His oldest son, Maddox Jolie Pitt, was not with his siblings when he saw his dad, according to previous reports. But Pitt's cousin told Radar that his own parents are very affectionate and supportive of the kids ever since the separation. 

Grandparents In Full Support Of Brad Pitt And The KIds

"His mother and father, Jane and Bill, are great grandparents to those kids. It's a good family unit," Hillhouse said. And the family is fighting this storm together. "We're all saddened by the fact that the children, Brad and Angelina are having to go through this," said Hillhouse.

Brad Pitt had no intentions to be a nbad husband or father as opposed to what this marital-separation drama is trying to portray. With the child abuse investigations going on, Pitt has been labeled as a "bad dad". While the rest of the critics are pointing fingers on Brad Pitt, his entire family is his army of defense.

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