No Alliance or Na'Vi For The First Time In The History Of The Dota 2 Majors

Another tragedy has befallen for some of the avid Dota 2 fans that have been rooting for the inclusion of the former top tiered teams in the game. But just like any other story, the dream for reaching the top has ended for the iconic teams Alliance and Na'Vi. Today, after the first round-robin elimination round for the Boston Major Regional Qualifiers, the "El Classico" has failed to successfully maintain enough points to qualify for the next round.

Na'Vi and Alliance

One of the most iconic Dota 2 competitive teams are the Na'Vi and Alliance. The former, being one of the oldest organization to have consistent appearance in the most prestigious Dota 2 competitive scene, The Internationals. Na'Vi has been part of the largest Dota 2 competition ever since its grand beginning at TI 1.

The Alliance however, started their stellar success after a perfect run in TI 3, having been able to win all of their matches in the group stage 2-0 except for Team DK. In the grand finals of the said competition, Na'Vi faced off against the Alliance which was deemed by many as the best TI grand finals to date.

Sadly, the former legends struggle in the early Regional Qualifiers, having been knocked down heavily with teams such as Liquid, Secret and VP. Na'Vi has suffered the most, having only 2 wins against 7 loses. Meanwhile, Alliance suffers a huge blow as well, having only 3 wins against 6 loses.

The Boston Major  

The Boston Major has seen a new format for its Regional Qualifiers; adapting the old format of the TI 3 where a round-robin matchup against all teams will be held for the first two days. Teams will have then accumulate points through the best of 1 games and the top 4 teams that will accumulate the most points will then move on to the next elimination phase.

In the next phase, all top 4 teams across all regions will have to battle it out for survival. The 2nd phase of the event will see best of 3 matches against teams in a preset bracket. The top 2 finalists from each region will then be granted a lowerbracket spot for the Boston Major 2016.

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