League Of Legends Now The Top Of All PC Games, New Report Reveals

SuperData recent research has shown that League of Legends is still the top-grossing PC game for 2016. In their current site, it was clearly shown that despite the rough growth of the eSport community at the beginning of the year, with the least revenue to have occurred in the late February, League of Legends has still maintained its dominance over all PC games including the long-time running MMORPG, World of Warcraft, and its long-time MOBA rival, Dota 2.

PVP Live has said that the news didn't come as a surprise considering that Riot has predicted that League of Legends will be able to net an outstanding $1.8 billion by the end of the year. So far, the game is already closing that mark and has been constantly sitting at the top of the net worth chart which is why it is safe to say that the highly acclaimed MOBA gaim is now the top of all PC games.

The Reason Behind League of Legends' Success

SuperData has noted that the in-game cosmetics and purchases have been the key components for the insane revenue of League of Legends. In-game cosmetics are highly popular for players especially for those that love to highlight their individual characters. This notion holds true based on the success of World of Warcraft's Legion which is now sitting just behind League of Legend's revenue for the month of September.

Riot or Blizzard?

It's important to note that although League of Legends is the current top of the networth for the PC platform, Blizzard still holds the throne in the overall revenue as the company has three games on the top 5 on the list (PC and console) namely: World of Warcraft, Destiny and Overwatch.

According to SuperData, Blizzard has shown their mastery in the money-making industry after pushing Destiny's $7.2 million revenue to $59.1 million in just a span of 2 months following its release of Destiny's new expansion, Rise of Iron.

Meanwhile, Niantic's Pokemon Go still sits atop in the Mobile platform as it holds record-breaking revenues ever since its official release. Apparently, there's still no viable competitor that will rival Niantic's flagship which is still the hottest mobile app for 2016. SuperData concluded their report that the total revenue of digital games has increased by 5% from the last survey in 2015 which is estimated to have amount to $6.2 billion.

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