Pokemon Go News: Halloween Has Boosted The AR Game Back On Top Of The Charts

It's almost Halloween and what better way to celebrate it than to capture ghosts and place them in Pokeballs? Err- we mean ghost-type Pokemon. Just a few days after the launch of Pokemon Go Halloween Event and it has already brought good news to both the players and the developer's side.

For one, the 6-day spooky but fun event not only lured the old players who have quit back to capturing Pokemon but it also got the once-super-hyped AR mobile game back to the top of the charts.

Pokemon Go Success

Pokemon Go has had a dramatic success history - from being very successful on Day One then a huge player dip after a few weeks and then back again on Number One, recently. Thanks to Niantic Labs continued efforts to doing whatever they can just to make sure the AR game is still making Pokemon fans happy and excited. From releasing the Buddy System, to the Pokemon Go Plus, and now, the Halloween Event which evidently helped Pokemon Go reclaim the top spot.

Pokemon Go Number One... Again

On Itunes, Pokemon Go is at number 1 on the top grossing charts with Mobile Strike, Clash Royale, and Game of War: Fire Age trailing behind. In Google Play, the AR game is at number 2, just behind Mobile Strike.

Though Niantic never officially released a statement on how much they banked out from Pokemon Go, one report leaked that they made $600 million in its first 90 days which made it the fastest selling mobile game to date.

This week, reports show that Niantic's Pokemon Go has shot back to the top of the App Store charts just after the launch of Pokemon Go's first ever in-game event, Halloween.

Pokemon Go Halloween Event

From Oct. 26 to Nov. 1, Pokemon Go will give away more candy than usual through hatching, catching and even transferring Pokemon. And to further celebrate the Halloween Event, players will encounter more Ghost-type Pokemon such as Haunter, Hypno, Golbat, Gastly, Grengar, Drowzee, and Zubat. Walking with your Buddy Pokemon will earn you 4x more candies, too. Now if that doesn't make you want to grab your cellphone and open the Pokemon Go app then maybe wait for the Christmas Event then?

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