Top 5 Most Hated TV Characters In History

The 5 Worst Things Ramsay Has EVER Done
Ramsay Bolton is the number one in our list as the most hated character in a TV series Photo : Kenneth K / YouTube

Television series has never been this good before. A lot of TV series are popping out every year and some have stayed through the test of time. The TV series are good not only because of the story but because of the actors who portrayed their characters.

There's a lot of iconic characters that comes to mind when it comes to TV series. Characters that made us laugh and adore them, characters like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Barney from How I Met Your Mother, Tyrion Lannister of Game Of Thrones and the witty but sarcastic Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory.

These are just a few names of our beloved characters but on this segment, we will focus on characters that we love to hate. Characters that we despise to a point that we want to punch them right in the mouth or beat them down to their grave. These artists were able to portray the character so good that even in real life they are getting the heat.

Before we start our countdown, there are certain criterias that the character should meet for it to be qualified on the list. First, the longevity of the character and how long was this character pissing us off. Second, the manner in which the character make us despise him or her. Third, popularity of the show and character. We are not going to focus on one genre as we are going to discuss everything that is included in a TV series.

So off we go:

1.Ramsay Bolton Of Game Of Thrones

There's no way he won't be on top of the list. A real life demon who enjoys inflicting pain to others, a sexual sadist, mass murderer, torturer and rapist. If there would be an MVP for being the most hated character in a TV series, he would bagged it every year. Ramsay Bolton will brutalize anybody that is against him and make it like its amusement. He's crazy, lunatic and power hungry. The right mix to become the most hated character in a TV series.

2.Skyler White Of Breaking Bad

Described by many as the annoying b*tch, Walter White's wife is the top most hated female character ever. There's no need to elaborate on this one as Skyler gets into our nerves even just her mere appearance. She's a drag, ball-buster, hypocritical harpy. Anna Gunn portrayed the characters so good that she is constantly receiving death threats in real life.

3.Joffrey Baratheon Of Game Of Thrones

This power hungry piece of sh*t is number three on our list and everybody was glad that he died earlier than expected. Joffrey Baratheon is synonymous to the word hate. The Boy King is ruthless as shown of many of the episodes of Game of Thrones but is weak at heart. He doesn't listen to his mother's guidance but runs like a girl towards her when the war is about to start. He is a beast incarnate and a real life portrayal of being a jackass.

4. Lory Grimes - The Walking Dead

I'm glad that she only lasted 3 seasons as this character makes me sick. Diva personified, a strong woman who only wants to protect his son but in the event had an affair with his husbands bestfriend who all presumed that he is dead. Her decision making is questionable that leads other characters in great trouble. She is self centered, prima donna and cry baby.

5.Peppa of Peppa The Pig

That's right, this soon to be bacon pig made it on our list because of various reasons. She is the rudess piglet you'll ever encounter. A master of sarcasm, abusive, arrogant and has the guts to mock his father's weight. The problem is, she gets away from it every single time. Her giggles makes me want to strangle her.

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