The Walking Dead Aftermath: Life After The Death Of Glenn And Abraham, Is Carl Next?

Arguably the most intense and brutal scene in television history. The Walking Dead series is officially back and they just made a bold statement upon its return.

The most talked about television series right now broke the tv ratings and broke everybody's heart when they saw two of the main protagonists in the show killed by Negan. The death of Glenn and Abraham added more twist on the storied series. No offense to Abraham, but fans were more stricken and upset when Glenn died.

Glenn is one of the originals in the series. He lasted seven seasons until last night when Negan brutally killed him using a baseball bat covered with barb wires. He was beaten and hit multiple times through his head which ultimately killed him. It trended worldwide and a lot of video reactions from TWD fans surfaced after the show ended.

There are no mixed reactions on those uploaded videos of TWD fans. Their reaction? They cried a lot, questioning the producers and the director of the show on why they killed Glenn. There's also an ongoing petition to revise the script so that Glenn will return. But basing on what we saw last night? No human being can survive those deadly blows to the head. Negan wasn't finished with Rick's team.

Negan is a blood-thirsty, bossy, territorial kind of man. When Glenn and Abraham died, he saw Rick and his team basically shattered in disbelief when they saw Negan killed two of their comrades. So what's Negan's next plan? Simple, to inflict more pain to Rick's team. Then he saw Carl. Carl tried not to look at Negan. He tried showing no emotions or reactions to what had happened but Negan is smarter than what he thought.

Negan ordered Rick to cut off Carl's left hand. Of course, Rick was surprised with what Negan is implying him to do. When Rick was about to cut off his son's left hand, he was spared at the last moment. We are not yet sure on what will happen on the next episodes of The Walking Dead series.

Will Carl still have his hand after episode 2? Or Will Carl suffer the same fate as Glenn And Abraham did.

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