Google Launches Spooky Halloween Doodle Game: Magic Cat Academy

In the usual Google doodle fashion, the tech company has launched a Halloween-themed doodle. Interested players are treated with a magical and spooky game called the Magic Cat Academy. Users can access the said game by clicking the Halloween doodle.

The Magic Cat Academy Game

The Magic Cat Academy's spotlight is on a cat magician named Momo. In fact, it is a real cat owned by Doodler Juliana Chen. Players are tasked to help Momo by scaring away ghosts creeping toward the cat. This can be achieved when simple shapes are drawn on the screen.

According to Google, they had to create four different teams in developing the game. The job is divided between the art, engineering, production and another group assigned to produce the music. Players need to navigate through five levels set in a school environment. That includes the library, cafeteria, classroom, gym and the building's rooftop.

Each level also presents resident foe like the chef ghost, a Venn diagram ghost and a big whistle ghost. The last one is actually designed to summon other spirits.

Google's Previous Options

Google revealed that the original concept involved a magic cat making a soup. It is akin to a witch boiling potions. Apparently, the said soup would be able to raise the dead. They also thought of a wizarding school. This would have been an exciting game considering the popularity of Harry Potter among kids.

However, they eventually chose a cat-led game.

Google initial elaborate symbols include a witch's hat that would appear on the character's head after it was drawn. Though they decided on a simpler approach. The Magic Cat Academy game is intended to be a short game against the clock.

Google also shared that an Eiffel Tower spell was abandoned among other plans. Gag spells were also excluded from the game.

How Is The Game?

According to the Search Engine Land, players are given the option to share your game result to anyone via social media sites or email. Furthermore, the search icon will lead to results for a Halloween query.

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