Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Focus On Camera, Design And AI

The excitement for the Samsung Galaxy S8 has increased after the company officially made a comment on their next flagship device. 2016 might have been bad for the company but it looks like the Note-maker is ready to leave the negativity behind and move forward to a brighter future. As per Samsung's most recent comment, the Galaxy S8 will offer an improvement on design, camera and artificial intelligence.

Samsung Galaxy S8 News

As per a GSM Arena report, the South Korea based company confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will be improving on its looks and imagery. It was said that Samsung's VP shared about the S8's "slick design and improved camera". Samsung also confirmed the Galaxy S8's use of an artificial intelligence feature. However, it wasn't confirmed whether or not this AI service will be provided by Viv Labs, the company that created Siri and was eventually acquired by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

So far, those are the only things confirmed about the Galaxy S8. However, there have also been rumors about Samsung's next flagship that the company did not address. For one, it was said that the Galaxy S8 will come with an optical fingerprint sensor. Also, there have been news about the possibility of a two curved-screen variants. Furthermore, as per Android Authority, the physical home button of the S series might be removed in the Galaxy S8 and the battery may once again be made removable. Needless to say, these are still rumors and should be taken lightly.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

Samsung hasn't really announced a release date for the Galaxy S8 yet. But based on past releases, the S8 might be made official sometime February. Its release might then follow in the same month or be extended to March. The Galaxy S8 is Samsung's next big product after the failed Galaxy Note 7. Hopefully, the company finally makes their flagship device safe and free from controversies.

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