The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 3 Spoilers, Updates, Is Daryl Next?

The Walking Dead's season premiere started with the departure of Glenn and Abraham who was killed by Negan and his crew. The development shocked legions of TWD fans and until now they are still stunned on what happened.

AMC already aired the second episode of the historic series last Sunday. Episode one is totally different with episode two, the pace, storyline and tone is a lot smoother and no character was left for dead. The latest episode also shows the emergence of new characters such as King Ezekiel; which is played by Khary Payton.

King Ezekiel is the leader of the newest faction looming around the series. As per reports, the faction will be called The Kingdom. Season 2 titled "The Cell" will showcase again new endeavors by each character. They will again try to outwit everybody for them to survive the zombie apocalypse and some factions trying to belittle them.

Although they just showed Episode 2, Episode 3 spoiler is already out. The video contains parts where Daryl and Dwight is seen kneeling in front of the blood hungry Negan. Daryl was disarmed with his trusted crossbow and seen wearing grubby clothing. Daryl was not himself at all. Then Negan said to him, "you don't scare easy".

Negan then prompted to make another step and he might get his baseball bat covered with barbed wire. The same weapon he used to brutally kill Glenn and Abraham in front of Rick, Daryl and the rest of their team. The video ended shortly and like what happened with Season 6 Episode 16, this looks ugly for TWD fans.

Will Daryl Be The Next Victim Of Negan?

As a fan, if this is the right thing to do so that the show will go on, then so be it. However, if this is just a plan to copy on what's happening with the other TV series, then the producers should stop it. Negan already killed two of the most beloved characters in The Walking Dead. There's no point in killing another character just to show how ruthless Negan can be.

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