Pokemon GO Buddy System Guide: Should You Switch Or Grind Until Evolution?

Ever since the introduction of Pokemon GO Buddy System, the entire gameplay experience has been totally changed. Well, this is most especially with the arrival of the special Halloween event. Particularly, it divided the community into whether it's better to grind at a certain Pokemon or swap it? Either way, it's really worth investigating.

As far as the first option is concerned, it's all about Pokemon GO players collecting as many candies as they can. This is possible of course through the Buddy System. And with the recent event, it only makes things a little bit more interesting. Why? That's because the km requirements have been significantly reduced, allowing trainers to acquire more candies than before.

However, if the current Pokemon GO event is removed, it's surely a different story. It seems to make things work the way they did in the past. Nevertheless, with such, it's likely for players to be able to fill up their Pokedex fully -- something that they've desired so much.

For the second Pokemon GO Buddy System swapping option, it's a bit tricky. It's all about players swapping their respective species so as to acquire candies. At the same time, they must collect requirements for various Pokemon. Obviously, this method here is a bit slower (in terms of evolving creatures). Why? That's because players are obliged to switch back and forth between different creatures.

Nonetheless, the good thing about the aforementioned Pokemon GO option, it seems to be a long-term structure. This is purely due to the fact that it gives players the ability to stack up candies for their Pokemon -- something that they can do at the same time.

If the two options are to be compared, there's a possibility that Pokemon GO players will go with the second one. It just seems to be the smarter choice compared to the other. However, the downfall of the second method is if events like the ongoing Halloween update ends, it's going to yield terrible results.

While it holds true that each of these Pokemon GO Buddy System options have their own pros and cons, the decision to do so solely relies to the players. It's really up to them as to which method they'll go with. But of course, they just need to determine which one will work for them efficiently.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon GO guide? Which one will you go: the first method or the second one? What's your reason? Share to us what your answers are at the comment section below!

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