Pokemon GO Update: How Boss Teams Could Possibly Work In The Game

Needless to say, Pokemon GO is a simple game of catching Pokemon and doing gym battles. Or at least, that's how players view Niantic's hit augmented reality title. But with its hot and cold popularity, people believe that it's time for the studio to introduce a couple of features. Perhaps a new tracking system, or say a way to do some trades with other trainers. Among these, one that caught the attention of the community are the so-called Boss Teams. Of course, this is still part of the wish list, but given the chances, it might be a good addition to have.

In a theory from Otakukart, it discusses the possibility of Pokemon GO introducing what appears to be Boss or Villain teams. These are to, well, go up against the players of the game. Either that, as long as they have no connection or whatsoever with the current team rivalries -- namely, Mystic, Valor and Instinct.

First and foremost, it's worth understanding that the three current teams in Pokemon GO are different from each other. Sure, they might have some sort of feud with each other, but that doesn't mean they stand as villains against one another. So, in a sense, it might be interesting to see a group (say, Team Rocket of sort) to stand up against them (probably in Gen 2 update).

These theorized Pokemon GO villain team could be there to put a little bit of gameplay. For instance, they can go up against trainers -- be it as a team or not -- and do battles in gyms or wherever. The idea is to give the game a level up in terms of its battle system. And of course, fighting and winning against these villains will result to rewards -- i.e. XP boost, new items and Pokemon.

Moreover, this could also be a way for Pokemon GO teams to work as one. They can unite and fight these villains as one. Or maybe, just maybe, this could result to an event that will trigger the existence of Legendary Pokemon. Certainly, sky's the limit.

While these can all be interesting, in one way or another, Niantic always has the last say for Pokemon GO. Well, the studio can't deny the fact that the community is bugging them when it comes to such topic. So yeah, players might see these additions sooner or later.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO introducing Boss Villains or Teams? Do you think it's an interesting addition to the game? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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