Google Improves Detection And Filtering Systems To Combat Fraud And Spam In Play Store

Some developers have certain exploits in Play Store that includes fraudulence and spamming. To resolve this problem, Google has recently improved the Google Play Store's detection and filtering systems. Google has expressed the protection of the store's integrity.

Google Play Store Is Trusted

Google just announced the enhancements done in its detection and filtering systems. This move will address the manipulations of developers to put their apps on top of the charts. Google has observed that they use illegitimate means like fraudulent installs, fake reviews and incentivized ratings.

These actions clearly violate the Google Play Developer Policy. Google added that it also hinders the chances of the community of developers to be discovered or recommended through the tech company's own systems. Furthermore, users are affected with such inaccurate and inauthentic information.

Eventually, this will compromise the credibility of the store. Google Play Store should be a platform for trusted apps. Google is certainly resolving this problem with the additional enhancements.

How Do The Improvements On The Systems Work?

TechCrunch has described that the new system is a step forward in terms of accuracy. The previous technology of Google detects apps that are intentionally manipulated to move up the charts. The improvement allows those apps to be filtered.

Google warned that developers who continue to do it will be faced with a consequence. Their apps can be taken down from Google Play.

Google also mentioned about promoting apps. The developers are advised to make sure that the promotion is based on legitimate practices. Furthermore, they are also told to visit the Developer Support Resources.

Google Play Store Is Not The Only One

According to TechCrunch, fraudulence and spamming are also present in iTunes App Store. Apparently, app developers will buy downloads to move up their rankings. Among other problems include automated download bots, spammy app install ads, outright scams and fake ratings. All of these are done to climb up the charts.

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