Final Fantasy 15 DLC Update: Luna To Arrive As A Playable Character?

Final Fantasy 15 release date is a couple of weeks away. However, according to DLC producer Haruyoshi Sawatari, the plans for the expansion pack were made back long before the development started. It is still a mystery as to what would be the focus of the upcoming title from Square Enix. If the recent Omen trailer is a sign, Final Fanatasy 15 would clearly have some serious moments. But it has only shown four guys on a road trip trying to save the world as of now. Fans are expecting that the developer will integrate more features and playable characters soon.

According to Game Rant, Sawatari recently announced that the studio will ponder adding some of the Final Fantasy heroines like Luna as a playable character. She plays as a co-protagonist alongside Noctis (which is the only playable character as of now). Luna was described as a fairly strong woman. She has faced off against Leviathan which defines her strength. For further clarification, there is still no female playable characters introduced yet which marks Luna as the first for the franchise. However, that could potentially change.

Based on the report from VG247, Sawatari responded when asked about a potential addition of Final Fantasy heroines such as Luna to the upcoming game. The producter said that the demand was there and it is something that they should consider. However, if the previous reports were true regarding the early plans of the DLC, it is unlikely that fans will witness a female playable character soon.

It would be great to see the other characters' story perspective to the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 game as it brings additional dynamics to the players' gaming experience. For now, those who are hoping for a female playable character like Luna will have to keep their hopes up for Square Enix to respond on the demand.

Final Fantasy 15 will arrive on Nov. 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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