'Jane The Virgin' Chapter 47 Spoiler: Jane Is A Virgin No More

Nothing in Jane Gloriana Villanueva's life comes easy. Despite being a driven student, a caring daughter, and a pretty neat friend, her life is a series of bad news popping-up just as good as news is supposed to be coming.

Jane the Virgin started with her being unintentional artificially inseminated with the sperm of stranger and (because of her religious and moral beliefs) choosing to have that man's baby despite being a virgin.

Jane Is A Virgin No more! 

Jane wants to get rid of that crinkled flower from her babyhood. It's about time, right? Last night's episode, "Chapter 47," crossed out the two words after Jane's first name in the film title. After having two seasons of getting pregnant, having a baby, enrolling in an MFA program, dating three different men simultaneously, and getting married right away, Jane couldn't stay a virgin for the rest of her life. Before the episode aired, Gina Rodriguez tweeted:

And in this episode, that is assumed to be such a joyful release for Jane, "Jane the Virgin" rather hands us back all the blame and shame and difficulties that stands between women who have been shamed for sex, and their pleasure of it. "I feel weird, like I lost something," Jane confesses to her mother, "Like part of my identity."

And she undoubtedly did. For Jane Villanueva, her virginity was a huge part of how she self-identities, and certainly how the show called her. Jane might not be a virgin any longer, but she's still what conveys this show. What makes "Jane the Virgin" so superb is that it knows better than to strip off a part of someone's identity and pretend like nothing occurred.

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