Top 5 Iconic Anime Characters Of All Time

Goku is the number one on our list as the most iconic character in TV Animation History
Goku gets angry when Black Goku killed Goten and Chi-Chi Photo : Animatedia Animes / YouTube

This set of characters not only made our childhood memories great but definitely stole our hearts in everything they do. Today we unveil the top 5 iconic anime characters in history.

For our countdown, we are going to focus on set of characters who charmed us throughout the years; not withstanding whether they are protagonists or antagonists. Listing down top 5 anime characters is not that easy since there are a lot of characters released already since the start of TV animation. "Anime" started way back 1917 in Japan. Right now, animation is seen in the entire world with different styles and techniques.

Also, because some of these series have more than one beloved characters, we are going to limit it to one character per franchise only. One of our basis will be the longevity of the series and how it made impact in the lives of its viewers. So sit back, relax and enjoy our list. 


The most iconic anime character in history doesn't need long introductions. There's no question that the super saiyan is on top of our list. Goku is considered as the predecessor and prototype of almost all anime protagonist characters. He is widely renowned as the symbol of anime. In fact, characters like Luffy and Naruto are most likely derived from Goku. All of them are strong, loves to eat and they have pure heart. Goku is on top not only because he's so powerful but he has good intentions and just wants to protect himself, his friends and his family.

2. Naruto Uzumaki

Like Goku, he is a strong-willed character, a lovable person and a fierceful fighter. Growing up, Naruto literally didn't have anything, he learned at an early age that he has to do all the work for him to survive. With the guidance of his sensei Kakashi and his Team 7 members Sasuke and Sakura, he was able to achieve a clear vision on what his life goals are. Naruto is in pursuit as one of the greatest hokages ever and in bringing peace to his community.

3. Monkey D. Luffy

One of the coolest, adventurous and funny characters of all time. The Straw Hat pirate lands number three in our list due to variety of reasons. His views in life are rather very simple - to eat a lot, protect his nakama and become the pirate king. His misadventures are what I especially like about Luffy. His stupidity is at times totally outrageous. Although he is number three on our list, he is number one in my book.

4. Pikachu

Arguably, the most charming and lovable pet in anime history. But don't be fooled by its looks as it can summon a powerful bolt of lightning that can hurt anybody. This forceful and loyal pet was considered unruly prior to meeting his friend and trainer Ash. They formed a bond that cannot be broken as they embarked their journey in their everyday life.

5. L Of Death Note

Probably the greatest detective in anime history, he has his unusual ways to solve certain mysteries and he is very good at it. He is a new breed of character. He is very mysterious, direct, a beautiful liar, funny at times, but mostly intelligent. L is tagged as the most interesting character in anime by various sites. He is a good guy to many and an evil one on the other half. L as explained is a tool for justice and he doesn't care if he fights for the devil.

How iconic can they get? Does your list match with ours? Anime certainly has swooned the hearts of many, reason why we are hooked even to this day.

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