Tom Clancy's The Division Update: Survival DLC Release Remains Unknown, Arrival To PTS Confirmed?

The arrival of the most talked about update 1.4 to Tom Clancy's The Division has excite the whole fandom. After all, Ubisoft promised them lots of key features and improvements, among others -- something that really met expectations. With the success of the patch, the community is now looking forward to the recently cancelled DLC titled Survival.

According to GamingBolt, Tom Clancy's The Division players can expect the aforementioned DLC to arrive first via the Public Test Server. If this is the case, then it's safe to say that players on the PC platform will be the first ones to test it. After all, the PTS is strictly implemented on the said gaming platform.

It's worth noting that the Tom Clancy's The Division DLC Survival was expected to arrive this year. However, it was cancelled following Ubisoft's decision to fix the game. This is when the idea of introducing a Public Test Server came out. It was meant for players to test any forthcoming updates and/or contents.

With that being said, it's really understandable if the studio opts to introduce the above-mentioned Tom Clancy's The Division expansion to the PTS before taking it to the official servers. Otherwise, it'll defeat the purpose. Although it's a very likely scenario to happen, the official release date of the downloadable content remains unknown.

In fact, there are talks within the Tom Clancy's The Division community that Survival content might arrive following update 1.5. There's nothing much to be learned about the latter, though. There are also others who believe that the DLC will be introduced once update 1.4 is stable.

Update 1.4 arrived to Tom Clancy's The Division last month, particular on Oct. 25. So far, most players were satisfied with the improvements, most especially the new loot system. Heck, some of the fans were even astonished with the World Tiers, commending it as a great addition.

Whether or not Survival DLC will be introduced after update 1.5, Tom Clancy's The Division players can expect its arrival. After all, it has long been on scheduled, only it was cancelled due to the aforementioned circumstances. It's really something to look forward to.

What are your thoughts on Tom Clancy's The Division upcoming DLC called Survival? When do you think will Ubisoft release it? What are your expectations? Tell us what you think by using the comment section below!

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