Tom Clancy's The Division Guide: Prepping Up For Update 1.4

Tom Clany's The Division Guide: Prepping Up For Update 1.4
Tom Clancy's The Division will undergo a major overhaul once the highly anticipated update 1.4 arrives. Photo : DragonulRed/YouTube

Tom Clancy's The Division is among the most controversial titles as of late. Many were criticizing it for introducing various bugs and issues. Heck, the exploitations proved to be huge, as Ubisoft event went to ask the community for help. But fortunately, these are all a thing in the past. With the upcoming arrival of update 1.4, it seems things are about to be straightened out. With that being said, here's a guide that'll help you prepare things for the said update.

Performance Mods Slots In Tom Clancy's The Division

It's worth noting that performance mods slots are expected to be introduced once the aforementioned Tom Clancy's The Division arrives. This feature here shall allow players to use the mods that can be utilized so as to fill in the void with various skill attributes (non-optimal) on their respective gears. It's worth noting that this wasn't the case in the past, as the attributes didn't really matter for gear sets to be optimal.

Save Those Sealed Tom Clancy's The Division Caches

One of the things that Tom Clancy's The Division players need to keep in mind prior to update 1.4 is to save their sealed caches. The latter is currently present in the latest patch, which is 1.3. The best thing to do is to only open them up once the aforesaid update gets released. The sealed caches on Underground and Dark Zone are particularly the most important ones.

The reason for doing so is due to the performance mod slots in Tom Clancy's The Division. The said feature is said to be only available once the caches are saved and opened later on. So, as much as possible, it's best to do it now before the update officially arrives.

Tom Clancy's The Division Farming

Since Tom Clancy's The Division players will not open their caches -- at least until Tuesday, the release date of update 1.4 -- it's recommended to save up on tech and other various items for the so-called 229 blueprints. Moreover, it's best to farm now so as to acquire more credits -- be it on Dark Zone or Phoenix. Or perhaps, the regular ones. The most suitable way to farm for Phoenix credits is by undergoing the Lexington mission repeatedly. Doing so will give players the most effective grind for such.

Save Those Tom Clancy's The Division 1.3 Gears

Well, the idea for this is for Tom Clancy's The Division players to sell them in update 1.4. So for players who own non-optimal gear items, it's best to keep them for now. They can either break them down or, more importantly, sell them in the new patch. This is most especially that the game will undergo a major overhaul once the patch goes live on the said release window.

Doing so will also be beneficial for Tom Clancy's The Division players. It will give them a good bang for their buck (credits), especially when those 1.3 gear sets are sold. In fact, they were there so fans can sell them and get more items.

Up Those Level 30 Tom Clancy's The Division Agents

This one here is really a recommended tip to follow for all Tom Clancy's The Division players, most especially if they have multiple characters in their respective accounts. As much as possible, before update 1.4 hits, those level 30 agents should be leveled up. That way, they can do more weekly missions, air drops and incursions, among other things, in the next patch. This is also a way to anticipate the possibility of Massive conducting various raids in the future.

What are your thoughts on Tom Clancy's The Division as well as the forthcoming update 1.4? Are you excited for the next patch? What are your expectations? Be sure to let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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