Diablo 3 DLC Update: Necromancers To Be Part Of Next Expansion?

Diablo 3 is rumored to have new playable characters, the necromancers. The speculation arose when a concept art was leaked on the internet. The artwork was seen in Blizzard's official gear store wherein Overwatch's art for Sombra was also featured.

Diablo 3 Necromancers To Be Part Of Next Expansion?

According to IGN, Diablo 3 removed the artwork of necromancers before everyone else could see it. The artwork has the signature of Blizzard art director John Mueller who is also part of the Diablo team, adding to its authenticity. Nevertheless, some were still able to spot it, causing hype among fans.

Necromancer was originally part of Diablo 2, but it was not carried over to Diablo 3 since the Witch Doctor has replaced the rumored character. The announcement is not yet done by Blizzard. However, the players are hoping that the character will be available on the current game.

In a report on VG247, if Diablo 3 will include the necromancers, then players are waiting for a very different and very exciting game ever before. There are rumors that the next expansion by Blizzard will have a massive impact on the game.

Diablo 4 Rumors, Are They True?

There are rumors that Diablo 4 might be in progress, too. But players and fans are excited with the Blizzcon 2016 that will be starting this week. Fans are positive that Blizzard has big announcements about the latest expansion on Diablo 3 that will include the necromancers. 

Blizzcon 2016 is the much-awaited event of Diablo fans since it is expected to hold some announcements for Diablo 3. However, fans are also expecting a Diablo 4 reveal. Blizzard is more focused on the current title and its expansions since it was launched last Dec. 2014. The developer is not commenting if Diablo 4 is on its way.

Fans may be expecting Diablo 4 but Blizzard is teasing its fans for some big announcement on the first day of Blizzcon 2016. The real question is that if necromancers will truly be part of Diablo 3's expansion.

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