Destiny 2 Release Update: 4 Changes To Be Expected So Far

For several months now, Bungie has been believed it is working on the next Destiny title. Although the Washington-based developer has made no official statement regarding what's coming up for Destiny 2, there have already been strings of information from credible sources teasing some interesting details for the shooter video game. Here are four things we know so far:

Destiny 2 - All-New Characters

As many Destiny players would know, a score of reports have pointed out already before that Bungie has no plans to carry over the old characters to the forthcoming installment. One development of this tipoff suggests that Destiny 2 will follow the dicey footsteps Blizzard North took for Diablo 2 in year 2000. It can well be noted that Blizzard North was able to transition the chartbuster Diablo 2 well from its first title without bringing over the old characters.

A recent report from Kotaku stated that this move of Bungie serves well the vast fan base of the Destiny to start fresh considering that everyone in the current title is already becoming well-versed. By leaving the old characters behind, it should mean all players will go back to square one. Even so, Bungie might giving rewards in exchange of the old characters. Which ones? That remains a question for now though.

Destiny 2 - 2017 Release Date

Of all the hints given about Destiny 2, release date is the trickiest part. Currently, the game is now on its fourth and believed-to-be final expansion, the Rise of Iron. Earlier this year, it was already reported many times over that Destiny 2 will be up for a 2017 release. There are no concrete clues as to when the upcoming title will hit the market. However, if Bungie is to base the timeline on the release of its first four expansions, then it is likely to roll the game out by the latter part of 2017.

Take note that Destiny was introduced worldwide on Sep. 19, 2014. The Dark Below was released on December 9, 2014; House of Wolves on May 19, 2015; The Taken King on September 15; and Rise of Iron on Sep. 20, 2016. If Bungie is to follow this pattern, September 2017 should be the ideal candidate for a release date, which is exactly three years after the original title hit consoles.

Destiny 2 - PC Release

The most debatable decisions for Destiny 2's release perhaps is the speculation that it might be exclusively released on PC. The first rumor broke out last Sep. 27 on NeoGAF. However, follow-up reports clarified that the game is indeed coming to PC, but not necessarily exclusive to PC. This was confirmed by the post of a man named shinobi602 on the same date stating, "The decision to restructure was made thanks to a major memory ceiling being reached on last gen," relating to the Rise of Iron expansion.

Destiny 2 - Major Revamp

A strong 750+ employees of Bungie have been revealed recently working on the Destiny 2. On top of that, Activision is said to have sought help from its studios like Vicarious Visions and High Moon for the development of the game. This joint force is expected to fasten the release of an all-new Destiny title. According to insiders, major changes will include the narrative, engine and live team. Additions meanwhile are new races, new enemies and new factions.

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