Titanfall 2 Update: EA Justifies Immediate Release After Battlefield 1

After Titanfall 2 had been released almost immediately after Battlefield 1, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson defends the company's decisions. He claimed that the two games "fulfill very different motivations in what a player is looking for" in response to critics commenting on the close launch dates of both first-person shooter titles.

Titanfall 2, The Right Game At The Wrong Time?

Titanfall 2 was released last Oct. 28, and it already received a lot of praises from many game critics. A report said that it got 9/10 from GameSpot and 4.5/5 from GamesRadar. However, some analyst claims that the decision to release Titanfall 2 immediately after Battlefield 1 will cause a significant decrease in Titanfall 2 sales.

In a report from GameSpot, EA CEO Andrew Wilson answered if he would do thing differently for the future. Wilson said that although Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 "have some overlap," they " fulfill very different motivations in what a player is looking for."

Wilson said that there are three types of players. The ones that love Battlefield and its strategic gameplay, the players that love fluid, kinetic gameplay that Titanfall 2 gives and the players that "just has to play the two greatest shooters this year and will buy both."

"We believe they both will have a long sale cycle, both this quarter through the festive season and deep into the years to come," he said.

EA On The Future Of Titanfall Series

Wilson also noted that Titanfall 2 is planning to provide free DLC maps and that it has been well-received by fans. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said that EA plans to work with Titanfall Developer Respawn Entertainment for quite a many years to come.

Jorgensen said that it is important to have a long view as part of their strategy. "What that means is we're looking for ways to not fragment the player base early, but to include [as many players] as we can to continue to build that franchise. We think that's the right strategy for a product like Titanfall."

While he did not give any exact details about the game's future, players should rest easy knowing that the Titanfall series is in good hands and that there will be much more to the franchise for the years to come.

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