Titanfall 2 vs Titanfall: Why EA's Latest Installment Is Way Better

Titanfall 2 is better than its predecessor, Titanfall. The players may look for something difficult but sensible than the previous game. Fortunately, the latest game has a better storyline and better single-player campaign. 

Why Titanfall 2 Is Better Than Titanfall?

Titanfall is more focused on multiplayer. Even so, the story is not well delivered and players are a little bit confused how the story is incorporated into the gameplay. The game might be challenging but it seems that the gameplay is happening too fast.Titanfall 2, on the other hand, will focus on the single-play combat aspect and how a single Titan will be able to survive the evil robots and the challenging sci-fi world.

Players like Titanfall 2 better than its predecessor because it offers a whole new world of Titans. The pilot, who is also the commander of the Titans, does not need a mech in order to fight and to survive the battle against other Titans, according to Wired.

The players of Titanfall 2 are commenting that it is better than Titanfall because of its measured pace and the single-player campaign is controlled easily. The players can control both pilot and exoskeletons just like in the previous game.

Titanfall 2 is also better than Titanfall in that it just it received nominations as "Best Action Game" and "Best Online Multiplayer." Lastly, the latest game is better than because its 3D capability is more promising than the previous one.

Titanfall 2 vs Titanfall: Original Game's Background

To fully grasp the Titanfall game, its concept and story were explained. According to IGN, the game is divided into two worlds, the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Frontier Militia.

IMC is the one responsible for gathering the materials needed in order to produce Titans. The company aims to be rich and earn a profit while the Frontier does not agree with this because it does not believe that the manufacturer is completely legal.

Titan Wars was the reason why Titans fell. During the wars, Frontier possessed the anti-Titans that fight with IMC's Titans. It is not clear how the antagonist got the anti-Titans because it is not responsible for the creation of Titans. Titanfall is about pilot training because the pilots are trying to control the combination of exoskeletons and mechanical robots.

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