Rihanna Reveals The Truth Behind Dating Chris Brown Rumor, Is Drake Dating A Model?

After the seemingly never-ending issue with Rihanna and Drake's break-up, Chris Brown is allegedly asking for the attention of singer royalty Rihanna. But with all of these issues, the "Umbrella" singer doesn't want to entertain any idea relating to it.

According to News Everyday, right after the news about Drake and Rihanna separating ways, rumors easily spread that Chris Brown is using that time to send gifts to Rihanna and her family. But the Hollywood singer confirmed through a source that she doesn't have any plans to be romantically linked to the famous rapper.

Additionally, Rihanna remembered her experiences with Chris Brown being his boyfriend few years ago. She tagged the relationship as a real mistake and said that she is not interested with what Chris Brown is doing today. According to some sources:

"If Chris has his hopes up he will surely be disappointed in the result,"It was reiterated that Rihanna and Chris Brown could be friends and stay civil with each other but the hopes that they could go back the way they used to be is really slim. Recent reports told that Chris Brown already broke up with Cydney Christine due to unresolved anger issues and cheating allegation.

On other news, recent speculations revealed the real reason why Drake had distanced himself from Rihanna. Although mesmerized and head-over-heels with the singer, Drake was allegedly friend-zoned by her. He took it so seriously that he started to put a wall on their friendship. Drake was reportedly seeing model Dakota Gonzalez and was seen in public numerous times. Fans are supportive and thought that they would make a good couple in the future.

With all that is happening, listeners of Rihanna and Drake's collaboration still hopes that the situation won't hinder both of them to create and make good music together. Both are known to exercise in brilliance in the field they were currently in right now.

Relive the times Drake and Rihanna were together during an award's night with this video below:

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