Skyrim Special Edition Guide: How To Get Stunning Screenshots Using Simple Console Commands

One thing that's fun in Skyrim aside from its award-winning gameplay is taking in-game screenshots. With Bethesda's improved graphics on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, players can now get high-quality images. Appreciate the beauty and art of the game by taking beautiful Skyrim screenshots with these simple console commands.

How To Use Console Commands On Skyrim

Opening the command window on Skyrim can be done by just simply pressing the tilde key (~) located in the upper left corner of your keyboard under Escape. Now you can type your commands in the space located at the bottom left corner of the screen. In order to execute your command, simply click Enter.

Also displayed in the command window are the previous command keys you used if there are any. In order to select your recently used commands, you can use your arrow keys. The command is not case sensitive so you don't have to worry about it. Closing the command window can be done by pressing the tilde key again.

Simple Console Commands For Taking Skyrim Screenshots

Toggle The Free Camera. Command used to toggle the free camera is "tfc". This enables you to navigate around the world as a camera. You can use WSAD keys to control movement and left or right click to adjust the height. Take note that your character goes invisible so it's not possible to take a shot of your character.

Toggle The Free Camera And Stop The Time. This trick is helpful in taking shots of moving objects like animals. The command is "tfc 1", which is also effective in taking shots when being interrupted by attackers.

Adjust The Speed Of The Camera. You can adjust the speed of your camera by executing "sucsm x" where x is a number; the higher the number, the faster the camera speed. For instance, the camera speed in "sucsm 10" would be fast and the speed of "sucsm 2" would be slow. Fast speeds are ideal for taking aerial shots while slow speeds are used for making angle adjustments.

Remove The HUD. If you want to take full-screen shots of Skyrim without being distracted by the head-up displays, input the command "TM". Enter the command again to bring back the displays.

Set The Time And Weather. You can also set the time in the game by entering the command "set gamehour to x", x being the time in a 24 hour format; "13" is 1pm, "14" is 2pm, "15" is 3pm and so on. In setting up your desired weather, enter "sw " in the command window. The list of weather ID codes can be found here.

Adjust The Field Of View. Use the command "FOV X", where X is a number; the lower the number, the closer the view to an object. 50 is an ideal number to get close up shots. If you're taking wide angle shots like landscapes, enter a larger number.

So there are your console commands in taking stunning shots on Skyrim. We hope that this guide will help you take your gaming photography to the next level. These list of commands are made by Sorter.

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