Skyrim Special Edition Mod Update: Falskaar Mod To Arrive On Xbox One Soon

Following the release of Skyrim Special Edition, several authors of the various mods from the original game have slowly taking works to the remastered version including consoles since they had announced mod support. Unfortunately, some of these massive mods entails a lot of external textures and audios. That means PlayStation 4 players would not able to use them. Currently, it was reported that another high-rated mod will be making its way on Skyrim Special Edition.

According to VG247, the mod Falskaar will be arriving soon. This creation from Alexander J. Velicky will add a new landmass, complete with different locations, NPCs and dungeons. In addition, the mod will also add new shouts and characters along with 26 new quests. The author of the mod says that Falskaar will provide players 20 hours of game content.

As previously reported here on iTechPost, PlayStation 4 limits only up to 1 GB of mod storage compared to the 5 GB in Xbox One. It is expected that only few mods will be available for Sony's console which includes Falskaar. As of now, the available Skyrim Special Edition mods for each consoles is 377 and 190 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively.

Based on the report from Express, Xbox One version will always have the advantage over PlayStation 4 since Bethesda confirmed that Sony banned the external assets. However, Pete Hines, marketing boss of Bethesda previously mentioned that the 1 GB excluding external assets is more than enough. Skyrim Special Edition mods which include Falskaar can be downloaded on by creating an account. Meanwhile, the available version for Falskaar mod is version 1.2.1 which has a file size of 580.8 MB. It is exclusively released for Xbox One.

On other news, Macho Man Dragon mod is also coming to Skyrim Special Edition. Console players can now experience this crazy mod from the original game which features a total re-skin of all the dragons present in the game.


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