'The Walking Dead' Star Lauren Cohan Reveals Maggie Will Seek Vengeance Against Negan In Current Season

The most awaited season seven premiere of "The Walking Dead" has finally happened as it devastated millions when one of the beloved characters in the show died, Glenn. Now, Maggie, who is currently carrying his child, will seek vengeance for his death as the series progresses.

Lauren Cohan Talks About Maggie Seeking Vengeance In Negan For Glenn's Death In "The Walking Dead" Season 7

Ever since Negan killed Glenn in "The Walking Dead" season seven premiere to indicate power over Rick and everyone else in the group, everyone wondered how Maggie will react to the sudden turn of events. Recently, actress Lauren Cohan was interviewed and asked about how her character Maggie and how she deals with Glenn's death. She also talks about seeking vengeance in Negan despite having submitted to him already.

Maggie is also fast evolving into becoming a leader herself, despite Rick being already established as one in Alexandria. However, after Negan indicates power by killing Glenn and Abraham, Maggie then submits herself since she is pregnant and crippled in some way. He could not fight as early as now but Cohan said that as the series progresses, the viewers will see how she will have a battle in her mind between seeking vengeance and just laying low. She is not a very vengeful person but given how things have turned out in Negan's hands, she may need to alter things a little.

Maggie May Act On Anger Soon Despite Struggling To Still Do The Right Thing

After Glenn's death, Cohan said that Maggie may need to honor his death by being a good parent to their child; which could mean this would make her a better leader, and someone that they could all look up to. She is trying to do the right thing amidst the circumstances, but there is a possibility that anger will overpower her mind as she is full of it inside of her. There has been so much loss to their group and this could just be the beginning.

More Iconic Moments From The Comic Book To Be Adapted In "The Walking Dead" Season 7

Executive producer of the show, Greg Nicotero, also shares how some great moments in the comic book shall be experienced in the series as well. Although they haven't been specific as to which parts, it is definitely something the fans of the series should look out for. There may be a way that as "The Walking Dead" season seven progresses, it could just be more brutal than ever.

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