Battlefield 1 Weapon Mechanics: Complete Beginner’s Guide

The community of Battlefield 1 one has massively grown up to 400 thousand players on all platforms just more than a week after release. However, not all of these players are familiar with the mechanics as not everyone has played the previous installments. For some, this game might even be their first FPS. Here are the quick tips in terms of weaponry for everyone new in the game.

Bullets In Battlefield 1

In Battlefield 1, the bullets have travel time. Meaning, bullets does not instantly hit your targets when you fire your weapon, unlike in other shooter games. This principle applies to all the weapons in the game. Some bullets travel faster than the others, depending on the type of gun you are using.

Physics also applies in this game. Bullets have a projectile motion that caused a trajectory path; the higher the bullet's velocity, the straighter its path. If you are firing at long ranges, you should aim above your target.

Reloading Your Weapon In Battlefield 1

Another difference to other shooter games is its reloading mechanics. Once you empty your gun, you will have a longer reload time since you need to charge your gun. However, if you empty it partially, you will reload a full magazine plus one round in the chamber. That makes you carry a gun with one more bullet than the stated capacity.

Your Stance Affects Your Accuracy In Battlefield 1

Burst fires cause recoil and also increases accuracy. This means your light machine gun will produce better accuracy if maintained firing. Another thing to take note, it is not possible to fire while jumping, much like in real life. Also lie down when on fire to reduce the damage taken.

Other Tips For Players New To Battlefield 1

You might not want to excessively fire your gun. Guns in the game have a chance of overheating especially the ones with large magazines. This will cause you unable to fire for a short period of time. Lastly, when you are in an intense crossfire and you ran out of ammo, it is recommended to just pull out your pistol since it is so much faster than reloading your primary weapon.

Being a bit difficult compared to other FPS games, it is acceptable to get frustrated in playing Battlefield 1 sometimes. Everyone who plays Battlefield had their early stages, too. For a complete guide to other mechanics of the game, you can visit this Reddit thread made by Hoboman2000.

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