'Battlefield 1' Throws Shade At Call Of Duty Players; Posts Video Of A Gamer Slaying

Battlefield has just shaded "a different FPS" players on their Facebook post. The said post showed a video of a Battlefield multiplayer campaign showcasing a team owning against the opposition with a caption, "The other team must be full of people from... a different FPS." Although it hasn't been directly mentioned who it was referred to, everyone has already assumed that it's directed toward Call of Duty players.

Success Of Battlefield 1

Only one week since the release of EA DICE's Battlefield 1, it already made a huge marketing success. It has exceeded the combined sales of the two previous games released by the company, Hardline and Battlefield 4. Moreover, it is now also one of the best rated current games. Battlefield 1 just got a 9/10 rating on IGN and 88% rating on Metacritic.

The franchise war between these two games is burning hot this year. It is hard to determine which is better among the two, since both games have set different standards for FPS players. If you are one of those who are fond of outer space adventures and futuristic equipment, then Infinite Warfare is for you. However, if you like some sort of realistic combat and historical battle, you may want to buy a copy Battlefield 1.

Why People Hate Infinite Warfare

Although both FPS are magnificent in terms of display and mechanics, what makes players choose Battlefield 1 over Infinite Warfare is its ability to take players into a whole new level of shooting experience. The game is immersive in way that it gives realistic war simulation, especially in hardcore, as it was set in a real life historical event: World War 1. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hasn't been officially released, yet, the hate it has been receiving from the community is very underwhelming.

Battlefield 1 offers experience that FPS players have not seen in modern shooter games. Sadly, people seems unappreciative of Infinite Warfare's outer space setting, which they find cliché and unoriginal. Everyone has different taste in gaming indeed.

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