How The Galaxy Note 8 Can Save Samsung

How The Galaxy Note 8 Can Save Samsung
What seems to be another of the Note 7 fiasco´s consequences, is how many users are waiting for the Note 8's release to see if there´s going to be another failure. Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images

After the Note 7 recall, Samsung faced one of the worst moments in its history, giving the fact that its reputation was being threatened by a failure that no one expected. However, the company is about to release the Galaxy Note 8, which is very likely to be an incredible phone that could represent the company´s comeback. Considering this situation, these are a few reasons why the new phablet could save Samsung

It Might Be Equipped With An A.I. Assistant

As it was reported in a previous article, the Samsung´s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 could be equipped with an AI assistant, considering that the South Korean company will buy Viv Labs, who has been characterized of being extremely good in this feature, as its co-founders created iOS´s favorite assistant Siri.

Including an AI assistant , the Galaxy Note 8 could easily compete against the iPhone 8 and Google Pixal XL, since this incredible phone will have an option that only a few mobile devices has, and show users that Samsung´s return could be bigger than anyone expected after the Note recalls.

Galaxy Note 8 Could Have 4K Resolution

This has been the year in which 4K resolution became mainstream with companies as Sony or Microsoft emphasizing the 4K capabilities of their new video games consoles. In fact, the Microsoft new Surface Studio desktop also use it, which has been one of the most incredible specs about the halo device.

Giving this situation, Samsung could also use the 4K resolution to the Galaxy Note 8, which might be something incredible and necessary to mind blow its users, restore the company´s reputation and adapt to the new trending in technology products. Although it is not something particularly easy, Samsung could be betting a lot in this, as reported by Value Walk.

The Note 7 Fiasco Could Have The Most Unusual Effect

In addition to all the previous reasons, the Note 7 disaster could be - believe it or not - beneficial to Samsung´s ambition with the Galaxy Note 8, giving the fact that this smartphone could be bought just because what happened to the previous model. Many users know that this is the company´s plan to restore its reputation, and most of them believe that because of that, this is likely to be the best phone to be released.

Also, considering the old-school philosophy that there isn´t bad publicity, it is a fact that the most famous phone maker in 2016 was Samsung, regardless if it was for the worst reasons possible. This is something that could also make people buy the Galaxy Note 8, although the number of these kinds of users would not be precisely high.

It Could Have An Incredible Camera

According to Yahoo, the Galaxy Note 8 could be equipped with an incredible camera that will turn taking pictures into a whole new level for the users, since a patent application discovered in South Korea revealed that the company is working on changing the user interface of the camera to provide new touch gestures that would facilitate zoom in an out.

Although the iPhone 7 also has this feature, the fact that Samsung is also doing it only shows that the company is looking for an improvement for the Galaxy Note 8 ´s optical zoom feature, in order to give its users the best, and materialize a historical comeback to restore the company´s power in the market, as reported by Enstarz.

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