Galaxy Note 8 Rumors: Why Samsung Should Give Its Premiere Phablet Another Chance

Galaxy Note 8
The release of the Galaxy Note 8 will keep Samsung´s status in the game, and could mean a strong message to its main competitors in the market. Photo : Youtube/ Tech Reporter

Samsung´s Galaxy Note 8 will be a reality in 2017, and unlike the previous years, the expectations are not anymore about how incredible it will be. In fact, what everyone asking is if this new mobile device will make the South Korean phone company to recover its lost power, considering the Note 7 fiasco, which has been so harmful that users have lost their trust. Given this situation, there are many reasons for the company to give its premiere phablet another chance.

Samsung Must Show It Is Still The Best Phone Maker

A giant as Samsung cannot show any weakness, and releasing the Galaxy Note 8 is a clear message to its detractors, which show that the South Korean phone is still in the game. In fact, the company has announced that it will release the new mobile device next year, and no one has to worry about anything except for having one of the best smartphones ever.

Also, it is a message to its competitors, considering that if Samsung didn't launch this phone next year, many other companies would probably take advantage of the situation and filled the market with its mobile devices, to the detriment of Samsung´s absence.

Samsung Must Move Forward From The Note 7 fiasco

The Galaxy Note 7 recall was probably the worst moment of Samsung in years, having to cancel its new creation because of the fire issue, which has been so disastrous that even videogames as "Grand Theft Auto V" made jokes about it. But if something like this happens to a company, only the biggest will have the capacity to get back on its feet, and Samsung surely can.

With the release of the Galaxy Note 8, the South Korean phone maker will prove that its determination to make a quality job and surprise users each year with an incredible smartphone is even stronger than the tragedy of a colossal mistake.

Also, keeping the name shows a lot of proud, giving the fact that Galaxy Note is completely associated with several battery explosions and two recalls, which makes this new phone a Samsung´s demonstration of courage, because if any other company had go through the same situation, its next product would probably have a different name.

The Galaxy Note 8 Could Be One Of The Best Phones Ever

Improving your product is always the best way to keep on the good track, and Samsung is looking to surprise everyone once again with the Galaxy Note 8, which promised to be one of the best phones ever created. According to BGR, the mobile device could maintain the Galaxy Note style, which offers phablet fans a series of software tricks that aren't available on other devices.

Also, as reported in a previous article, it is rumored that Samsung will change the user interface of the camera to cater to new touchscreen gestures, which could make zooming a lot easier and way more effective for users.

According to Tech Radar, Samsung will also launch the "Galaxy Upgrade Program," which would allow Note 7 customers who exchange their troubled phone for an S7 or S7 Edge to receive a Note 8 next year. Although the Note 7 recalls was an extremely harmful setback for Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8 could represent one of the biggest comebacks in history.

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