Marvel vs Capcom 4 Rumored Testing And Release Next Year, Will Mickey Mouse Be There?

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A rumor about Marvel vs Capcom 4 coming out and I pitched in my ideas on what would it be like if they take their creativity a step more. Mickey mouse versus Ken, who wouldn't want that? Photo : YouTube / Decadent Gamer

Now that Disney owns Marvel, will we see Mickey and his gang in Marvel vs Capcom? Most probably not, but who knows, he can be an unlockable, and that would be awesome. Seeing Goofy beating the heck out of Ryu is one way to get creative in fighting games.

Retweets from Marvel vs Capcom fans have captured everyone's attention. The tweet originally came from @YTYogaFlame24 stating something about Marvel vs Capcom 4 going to be out definitely soon. It also indicated that early testing will happen next year. If the testing happens in any of the first 3 quarters of 2017, it's a safe bet the game will be out within the same year.

The tweet says: "So apparently Marvel Vs Capcom 4 is definitely happening. Early testing will begin next year. Lets see.." For those of you who don't know, YogaFlame24HD is a Twitter account that claims to be the "Biggest Well Known, Street Fighter Replay Channel, On YouTube", they are now operating for 8 years and still are going strong, according to them at least. The replays claim to show high level play from the best players around the world.

Moreover, The Bit Bag also posted that if Disney has gone loose on licensing rights for Marvel as they shut down Disney's Infinity servers, then a Marvel vs Capcom 4 release is likely to happen. As of this point, we are all about speculations except for the tweet that came from @YTYogaFlame24.

Capcom has no official word about it as of this writing so it's not safe to say that Marvel vs Capcom will be out by next year so hold on to your horses. Currently, the company has been busy with other stuff. They just cleared out their 2016 DLC roadmap for Street Fighter 5. After that, there are other projects to attend to including a possible Marvel vs Capcom 4.

How about Mickey and his gang?

Here's my take on it, as we're on topic, might as well discuss about the possibilities of injecting Disney characters into Marvel games, particularly Marvel vs Capcom. As stated earlier, it would be a fresh creative way to distress the tensions of fighting games. Having Goofy or Sebastian join the brawl, may sound like Nintendo but, hey, it's a competitive business and gimmicks are one way of keeping customers interested.

The Nintendo Switch is coming out and it would be a great pitch if Capcom would want to develop for the device, the concept of the Marvel vs Capcom to be like Super Smash Bros. would be interesting to the already growing number of Nintendo users, which by the way was triggered by Pokemon Go.

My point is gamers are now jumping from one thing to another, like switching genres, or jumping from purely playing consoles to trying out handhelds and smartphone games. I, for one have started ditching my Dual Shock 4 to go out and go catch some wild Pokemon but that doesn't mean I'm now totally dedicated to Smartphone gaming. I still play some AAA games over the weekend mostly due to busy schedules, and Smartphone games are just very easy to access, just right inside your pocket. You know what? We might as well play Marvel vs Capcom with Disney characters on our phones, that would be awesome.

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