9 Good Superhero Games That Do Not Get Much Attention

X-Men: The Arcade Game (Konami) (1992) Full Playthrough
X-Men: The Arcade Game (Konami) (1992) Full Playthrough Photo : YouTube / silenig

There is a hero in all of us. I, for one pour my frustrations as Batman in the Arkham Series. This thought has led me to research about superhero games that don't get much attention. Sure, there are lots of superhero based video games out there and I have to create some sort of unique list about it.

Marvel and DC have been in a constant race on who dominates Hollywood when it comes to making the best comic-based superhero films. And when there's a superhero film, there's a video game version for it, mostly flops however. Fortunately, Cheat Sheet has made things easier for me by posting a good list of superhero games that are good over the years, even way back in the 90s so this should be exciting. Among all the hero games that turned out bad, I got nine recommendations for you and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Marvel Superheroes

Some people would prefer the Marvel VS Capcom series, even Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom, but this one started it all. Back in the summer of 1995, I was just in 5th grade. My cousins and I would often dropped at the mall after summer activity classes to finish the rest of the day off. People dig the Street Fighter series but this one just revolutionized the side scrolling-fighting game genre.

I always used Spiderman as my main character because of his awesome combos and moves. During your progress of the game, you meet other characters in a quest to defeat Thanos and collect the Infinity Gems to restore balance to the Universe, or something like that, 1995 was a long time ago.

Spiderman 2

This time, I was already in college, the year 2004. It revolutionized the open-world era. People can now experience how it is to web-swing across Manhattan. It also features voice acting from the actual movie's cast, you know, Toby Maguire and others. This game definitely opened up a lot of possibilities as similar mechanics followed after.

Freedom Force

If you are familiar with squad-type games then it was inspired by this game. This should also belong to the list of best tactical squad-based games around. Assemble a team of superheroes and deploy them to missions. Missions vary from stopping bandits to defeating powerful aliens.

Hulk Ultimate Destruction

One of my favorite PlayStation 2 games, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is set in an open world sandbox. You know what that means, you can Hulk smash pretty much everything. Hit lamp posts with parked cars, obliterate store fronts. Now, this may sound a bit destructive but you can also use this tactic to defeat enemies.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

Adorable and at the same time as fun as the actual Marvel heroes, this game introduces the gamers to the Marvel Universe using Legos. A plethora of heroes and villains are here from the Avengers to X-men. The best part: you don't have to clean up the floor.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Another video game that lets you know more about Marvel Universe is Marvel Ultimate Alliance. This top-view beat 'em up game allows you to control up to 24 characters. The game, however, features more than 100 heroes and villains and lets you explore comic book locations. It has a fantastic storyline that is worth your 20 hours, at least.

Batman Arkham Series (All of them)

I know the article title says that this is about games that do not get most of our attention and Batman Arkham titles are indeed famous. But there are only a handful of gamers I know that finished all 4 major titles: Asylum, City, Origins, and Knight. People may have missed other titles due to the fact that these games are pretty long and time to play is very rare to some, and I start to relate with this. So officially for this article, the whole series is an awesome game but only a few people have finished playing them all. It also has spin-offs like Origins Black Gate and Assault on Arkham.

DC Universe Online

I discovered this game while looking for free PS3 online games years ago. The concept is that you groom your character to be like any of the Justice League founders. If you are fond of speed, you go to something like 'Flash University or Training'. If you like strength and nobility, go for Superman. My character is patterned after Batman where reflexes, athleticism, and intelligence are high. This game is also available on the PS4 and can carry over your data if you already have a PS3 game going on.


Flash back into the summers I had in grade school, particularly in 1992, this game was sort of a dream come true. Back then, we can only experience the X-Men via the cartoon series. When this came out, everyone rushed into the Arcade to check out the new X-Man game. The best feature: four players can do a co-op, friendship can bond with this one. Here's a video about this classic game:

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