GTA V Is Now One Of The BestSelling Games Of All Time; Outsold Any Other Modern Game As Of 2016; Sales Reach 70 Million Copies

The publisher of the critically acclaimed GTA V, 2K Games, has recently reported an astonishing new milestone for their latest franchise. According to 2K, GTA V has now sold-in 70 million copies worldwide based on their latest survey. This means that GTA V has now set a new record for the most sold-out copies of any game in 2016, surpassing Overwatch which was reported to have sold 20 million copies this year.

GTA V: Fourth Bestselling Game Of All Time

GTA V is now sitting as the fourth bestselling game of all time, surpassing Super Mario Bros. which had sold a total of 40.24 million copies worldwide. The report was said to have conducted during the early Q2 of 2016 and ended last Sept. 30; which was meant to attract and acquire new prospect investors into the company. But take note that "sold-in" it doesn't necessarily mean that 70 million copies were sold to all households. It just simply implies that 70 million copies were delivered on all retail stores worldwide.

Success Behind the Game

According to gamerant, 2K has stated that the company is having "stellar results" during the second quarter of its fiscal year which the CEO of the company, Straus Zelnick, linked the continuous success of the franchise to the "robust demand for GTA V." It just simply imply how successful the GTA franchise is and how they've properly created a bond between the game's three main characters: Michael, Trevor and Franklin and to its players. Aside from that, the developers also made an ingenious method of making an open world action-adventure game with three playable characters which you have the freedom to switch to anytime.

GTA V Networth

The report shows that GTA V has had a jump of 21% of revenue this year, which is roughly amounting to $420.2 million from its total revenue of $347 million last year. The numbers certainly are astonishing considering the fact that GTA V was released way back in 2013. Although it comes to no surprise as Rockstar constantly support their GTA Online with brand-new contents including the recent Halloween Event which was received positively by its fans.

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