‘Limitless’ Season 2: Amazon Plans To Air New Season But Drug Theme A Problem?

By Shor M , Nov 03, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Amazon has just been reported to pick up the television series “Limitless” after rumors of its cancellation has made the news but the said online platform are still unsure of pushing through because of the show’s drug-related theme.

The American drama series, “Limitless” has been rumored to be canceled after airing just one season. It has been reported though that Bradley Cooper, the lead actor in the movie version, and Craig Sweeney has been extending their efforts to push for a renewal of the said series. Then news broke out claiming that ‘’Limitless” Season 2 is in the works after pursuing Amazon and FX. It has been reportedly placed on Amazon and will continue airing on the said platform.

The pilot season of “Limitless” have been received with mixed reactions from viewers and reviews from critics. The series had to deal with viewers being disappointed with its complicated plot because it was hard for them to get into it or understand the story. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 6.3 points out of 10 and stated, “Even with a likeable hero, ‘Limitless’ cannot overcome its credulity-straining premise and shaky, hole-riddled narrative.”

Despite the bad reviews, “Limitless” has proven its worth when Netflix picked it up for its first season. CBS, which originally aired “Limitless” Season 1, canceled the next installment. Netflix though has not released any official statement whether or not they have plans to continue airing Season 2 and the rest of possible seasons of the said series.

With “Limitless” Season 2 being planned, viewers are hopeful that the second season will be aired as soon as possible. But the renewal of “Limitless” maybe hindered as Amazon has yet to finalize its decision on this matter. It is said that Amazon is still considering the plan to air “Limitless” Season 2 because of the show’s theme.

“Limitless” is about a man named Brian Firch, who discovers the power of a mysterious nootropic drug called NZT-48, which unlocks the full potential of the human brain and gives him enhanced mental abilities. Apparently, this plot is not only holding back Amazon but also the other networks who are actually interested in continuing the series. According to FX, networks have always been skeptical about the risky drug element used in “Limitless” and to air the series might mistakenly deliver the message to the public that these networks support and advocate the types of drugs used in the series.

“Limitless” has garnered a lot of fans since it has aired on Netflix and has gained up to 14 million viewers when it aired from September 2015 to April 2016. “Limitless” Season 2 may be in the works but it still needs a place to be released. Hopefully, Amazon or any one of the interested networks such as FX and Netflix, see past the drug element and instead look at the whole picture.

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