Resident Evil 7 Puzzles Are As Twisted As Its Gameplay

Capcom has released another set of teasers for the upcoming Resident Evil 7 game. Previous trailers have shown a number of impressive scenes and gameplay in the new Resident Evil installment. Now, here comes some sneak peeks that show off the game's mechanics and design elements.

The teaser videos revealed some old Resident Evil tricks as well as some new ones, especially in using the herbs. Players can still combine them but one new element includes combining the green herb with some chemical to create a first aid spray. And aside from the usual ammos, players can also use crates to smash at their targets, which is reminiscent of Resident Evil 4.

Another one is the method of saving the game. In place of old typewriters, players can now save their games using a tape recorder. However, the teaser seemed to hint that it doesn't really require any item to save your game in Resident Evil 7.

One teaser also showed the player in action shooting the undead but as expected, any undead who gets shot will soon come to life. So that's another reminder that a good headshot will ensure that the undead stays dead. Furthermore, it also shows what other actions or abilities the player can do.

As for puzzles, another video showed that there will be a lot of the usual key and lock puzzles as well as the mix and match ones. One video showed the character figuring out a puzzle that included what seemed to be a mismatched number of items, such as a switchblade, a rag doll, a yellow balloon, and a circuit board.

Aside from these, Capcom also allowed players to play the first one-hour demo back in September. Resident Evil 7 will be released on January 24, 2017 on the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. The game company also announced that it will have an exclusive PSVR support for one whole year.

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