iPhone News: How To Download Apple's New Emojis

When Apple unveiled the new beta version of the iOS 10.2, it came with a bunch of new emojis. Through Unicode Consortium, 72 new emojis were made available to all iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.

However, these emojis are not yet available to the public. Only beta testers and developers have complete access to them.

But there is a way to download the emojis.

Those who want the new emojis need to sign up for the iOS 10.2 public beta program. This permits the participants to have full access to the new software and the new emojis. In exchange, the testers need to give their feedback about the new iOS.

To sign up, just go to the Apple Beta Software Program page. Select iOS program and then click on "Enroll your iOS device". Apple will then guide the user in installing the beta software.

The iOS 10.2 is still at beta stage which means the operating system is currently being looked at by beta testers and developers. Aside from the new emojis, the latest iOS will have other new features such as the Celebrate Screen Effect, a dedicated video widget, new wallpapers, and a Preserve Setting for the camera.

The iOS 10.2 will also have a new Medical ID feature which automatically notifies those in the Emergency Contacts list in the event that the user calls Emergency SOS. Lastly, the updated operating system now allows the user to sort songs and albums on the music app and not through Settings. They can now sort music according to Title, Type or Recently Added.

Here are all 72 new emojis:


Clown face, Drooling face, Fox face, Face with cowboy hat, Lying face, Nauseated face, Sneezing face, and Face palm


Avocado, Bacon, Baguette, Carrot, Croissant, Cucumber, Egg, Glass of milk, Green salad, Kiwi fruit

Pancakes, Peanuts, Potato, Shallow pan of food, and Stuffed flatbread

People and Actions

Man dancing, Rolling on the floor laughing, Pregnant woman, Selfie, Prince, Man in tuxedo, Mother Christmas, Shrug, Person doing cartwheel, and Juggling


Black heart, Octagonal sign, Shopping trolley, Scooter, Motor scooter, Canoe, Wilted flower, Drum with drumsticks, Clinking glasses, Tumbler glass, and Spoon


Fencer, Wrestlers, Water polo, Handball, Boxing glove, Martal arts uniform, First price medal, Second place medal, Third place medal, and Goal net

Hand Gestures

Raised back of hand, Left-facing fist, Right-facing fist, Handshake, Hand with index and middle fingers crossed, and Call me hand


Bat, Duck, Eagle, Owl, Shark, Shrimp, Squid, Butterfly, Deer, Gorilla, Lizard, and Rhinoceros

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