Apple Unveils First iOS 10.2 Beta With New Emojis, Medical ID And Other New Features

By Edge Ison , Nov 02, 2016 05:38 AM EDT

Apple released the first beta version of the iOS 10.2 to beta testers a day after releasing it to developers. This also comes a week after launching the iOS 10.1, the first major update for the iOS 10.

The new iOS 10 update, according to Mac Rumors, allows complete access to Unicode 9.0 which basically means new emojis. The new emojis include an avocado, bacon, butterfly, clown, croissant, gorilla, owl, pancakes, and a shark. There are also the crossed fingers, drooling face, face palm and selfie emojis. More emojis of different professions in both genders have also been added.

Some emojis, particularly the popular Peach emoji, have been redesigned.

The video app now has its own dedicated widget which the user can simply click to see the latest videos, TV shows and movies that are available.

New wallpapers are also available. Some of these wallpapers have already been used in Apple's marketing campaigns particularly the floating glass orb image. Now it comes in different colors.

The new Celebrate Screen Effect can be accessed when adding effects to a message.

Users who want the camera app to remember the last setting they used just needs to click the Preserve Setting option under Photo and Camera which is in Settings.

The music playlist can now be sorted according to Type, Title, or Recently Added. Different ways of sorting through songs or albums can now be done on the music app itself. Before, users had to go through Settings to do it.

The Medical ID is a new feature that notifies the persons on the Emergency Contacts list when the user dials the Emergency SOS.

The iOS 10.1 update encountered one serious issue after its release. Many users lost their Health data because of a bug and many voiced their disappointment. One iPhone user, for example, stressed that she uses Health to track details about her diabetes and that losing her data was a cause of great concern.

According to Forbes, Apple rushed to have this problem fixed by rolling out iOS 10.1.1 yesterday. So far, there have been no major issues aside from a few cases of missing contacts, random reboots, and apps not downloading were reported. In one case, the Notes app was completely deleted without being prompted by the owner. Forbes suggests that users with the Health bug issue should go through with the 10.1.1 update especially since iOS 10.2 is still in the public beta stage.

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